2016 WMPF Speaker Videos

2016 West Michigan Policy Forum with Jim Dunlap
They are creating a competitive economic environment for Michigan through targeted public policy.

Prospering Grand Rapids with Joe Jones
Grand Rapids is prospering which is great for the most part, but for some this presents challenges as well.

The criminal justice system with Mark Holden
Creating policies that could improve Michigan’s workforce capacity.

Problems that come with a growing city with Greg Sundstrom
As Grand Rapids prosper it tells a tale of two stories. Along with the good times comes some of the bad.

Small Business and being an Entrepreneur in Michigan with Johnny Brann
The economic environment is right and it’s a good time once again to be an entrepreneur in Michigan.

Wheels to Work with Mayor Mark Huizenga
A new transportation program has launched in the City of Walker to help connect employees with employers.

The West Michigan Policy Forum and it’s role on shaping Michigan’s policies with Doug DeVos.
The West Michigan Policy Forum engages more than 500 business and policy leaders from throughout the State of Michigan to discuss the State’s policy priorities.

Higher Education with Thomas Haas
They are the 4th largest University in the State of Michigan and keep getting bigger and better every year.

The 2016 West Michigan Policy Forum with Jeff Connolly
Voices from across the State of Michigan meet in downtown Grand Rapids one day every two years to discuss what’s needed for the State.

The power of work with Kathy Crosby
They make it their mission to change lives through the power of work.

Jobs and education with Kevin Stotts:
They are making it their goal to have 64% of West Michigan citizens have a post secondary education or training.

Grand Rapids Public Schools with Superintendent Teresa Weatherall Neal
Graduation rates are up, test scores are up, attendance is up and overall safety has improved. It’s all great news for the Grand Rapids Public Schools and it’s students.

The Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce with Andy Johnston
The Grand Rapids Chamber has been hard at work helping to create jobs, more affordable housing and helping to bring safer vehicles to the roads.

Understanding the real legacy costs for Michigan communities and government employees with Dave Walker.
Imagine if all of a sudden there were no dollars to pay out local, state and education pensions. What is being done to protect pensions in the State of Michigan?

3rd grade reading bill with Representatives Amanda Price and John Kennedy
Michigan is currently ranked number 41 in the nation when it comes to 4th grade literacy.