The West Michigan Policy Forum seeks to create a competitive economic environment for Michigan through targeted public policy with the goal of making Michigan a Top-10 state in the nation. The 2019-2020 policy agenda, which incorporated the feedback from our regional meetings with business leaders across the state, sets forth the following priorities:

  • Defend Past Achievements (see below)
  • Pursue Reform to Local Government Unfunded Promises on Retiree Pension and Healthcare
    • Protect promises made to workers
    • Prevent our kids and grandkids from inheriting unfunded debt
  • Support Auto Insurance Reform – guided by these goals:
    • Maintain Michigan’s position as a national leader in coverage
    • Reduce premium burden for Michigan families
    • Increase competitiveness for better affordability for all Michigan drivers
    • Ensure changes are market driven and do not shift costs from one area of the state to another
  • Achieve Additional Criminal Justice Reform
    • Earned time credits (e.g. job training)
    • Removing barriers to employment (licensing reform)
    • Efficient medical treatment for terminally or chronically ill (Medically Frail)
    • Raise the age (allow up to 18 in juvenile court)
    • Cash bail reform (informed judicial discretion)
  • Find solutions for Affordable Housing/Housing Choice
  • Legislative Term Limits Reform