Defending the Laws That Benefit Michigan Students

We’re still fighting to protect our students’ educational growth – and this year, our third graders are on the front lines. Democrats want to repeal Michigan’s “Read by Grade Three” Law without a back-up plan. This law and initiative to incentivize student success through required assessments and improvement performance plans is the right path for Michigan’s failing education system. We can’t go back.

The law requires schools to identify students, kindergarten through third grade, who are struggling with reading and writing, and provide additional support. Students are assessed within the first 30-days of school, and those found to be struggling with reading are provided additional support. If, after multiple evaluations, the student is performing one or more grade levels below their current status, they could be retained in the upcoming school year. This is how we make sure students are prepared for success and have the support they need.

The goal of this law is for more support for students by helping principals, teachers, and parents prioritize personalized learning to promote growth and performance. Unfortunately, without being fully implemented success has been limited.

Reading performance goes much deeper than identifying a student who may be struggling with one subject – it’s a foundational skill needed for students to learn all subjects. If a student can’t read, they can’t learn. That’s why retention is the final last-resort solution for students who are still reading at one or more grade level below following M-STEP results near the end of the school year.

The West Michigan Policy Forum supports Michigan’s “Read by Grade Three” law, because we know what it means for the success of our students. We need our lawmakers to defend this law this year so teachers, parents, and administrators take student learning seriously and give them the resources and personalized support they deserve to grow.

Contact your legislators today and let them know we need their support to preserve Michigan’s Read by Grade Three law to ensure a brighter future for all students.