Current Priorities

The West Michigan Policy Forum has a targeted 3-tiered approach to accomplish the policy priorities it adopts. We strategically decide whether the selected issue needs our leadership, our advocacy or simply a support role with other partners to be successful. This 3-tiered approach to our current priorities is listed below:


Defend and Support Past Achievements Including:
  • Petition/Ballot Signature Reform
  • Paid Sick Leave & Minimum Wage Changes
  • A-F Quality & Accountability in K-12 Education
  • Prevailing Wage Repeal
  • Tax Reform Changes
  • Medicaid Work Requirements
  • Teacher Evaluation Requirements
  • Gordie Howe International Bridge
Reform Local Government Unfunded Promises on Pension and Healthcare
  • Protect promises made to workers
  • Prevent kids and grandkids from inheriting unfunded debt
Legislative Term Limits Reform


Auto Insurance Reform

The WMPF recently worked with other partners on Auto Insurance Reform to ensure it included the following goals:

  • Maintain Michigan’s position as a national leader in coverage
  • Reduce premium burden for Michigan families
  • Increase competitiveness for better affordability for all Michigan drivers
  • Ensure changes are market-driven and do not shift costs from one area of the state to another

The Auto Insurance reform compromise was achieved and signed into law by the Governor on May 28, 2019. This will bring significant rate rollbacks and relief to Michigan drivers while simultaneously maintaining Michigan’s position as a national leader in coverage. While not perfect, the reforms do appear to meet our high-level goals.


Criminal Justice Reform
  • Earned time credits (i.e. job training)
  • Removing barriers to employment (licensing reform)
  • Raise the age (allow up to 18 yrs. old in juvenile court)
  • Civil asset forfeiture (require conviction)
  • Cash bail reform (judicial discretion)
  • Parole for medically frail inmates (This priority was accomplished as legislation was signed into law that will allow for medically frail prisoners to be released on parole given they have not been convicted of certain crimes.)
Healthcare Affordability
Affordable Housing, Housing Choice