Preserving Right-to-Work in Michigan

Just over 10 years ago we came together to protect the rights, interests, and integrity of all Michigan workers, unions, and our state’s economy by advocating to make Michigan a right-to-work state. Since then, we’ve made significant progress for our state’s economy. As a result, wages have increased and Michigan has created significantly more jobs. Now we need to come together again to maintain that protection and make sure our lawmakers don’t repeal the progress we’ve made for our state as a whole.

In the News

"The simple truth is only 29% of Michigan residents support repealing right to work, a recent Glengariff Group poll found. A total of 88% of state voters believe workers should have the right to choose whether to join a labor union, according to a SurveyUSA poll."

"I can attest that right to work is one of the biggest factors when a company is deciding whether to expand or locate somewhere. It’s often the gateway – the opening that businesses look for first, before considering other factors like taxes, regulation, and cost of living. If the gateway is closed, then companies are much less likely to keep considering the state."

"What will happen if right to work is repealed? Two things. First, many Michigan workers will lose their basic right of freedom to choose. Instead of forcing a hard-working person into a union, shouldn’t a union be required to show what value it has and let the person make an informed decision? Second, our state is at high risk of becoming screened out of opportunities to compete for jobs.  We have had the 'Open for Business' sign out since 2012. The repeal is likely to be viewed by the larger business world as Michigan turning the sign back to 'Closed.' I encourage Michigan’s citizens to speak up and support keeping right to work."

"Ten years ago, we came together to protect the rights, interests and integrity of all workers. And now, we need to stay together to maintain that protection and make sure our lawmakers don’t repeal the progress we’ve made for our state."​

“Michigan’s small businesses are still facing challenges as they continue to invest and grow in Michigan. Small businesses made it clear that they do not support returning to policies that served Michigan so poorly in the past.”

National speakers presenting at our 2022 biennial conference shared their thoughts on right-to-work:

“Right-to-work is, on some level, an on-off switch the policy members can control directly.”

“I want you to try to change the laws and codes of Michigan, and if I were to start, normally, I would say the very first thing you have to do is become a right-to-work state. But you've done that, congratulations. You cannot fix your schools unless you're in a right-to-work state.”

“How do you tell CEOs and other corporate decision makers that Michigan has changed? A lot of the policy reforms that were talked about earlier have been implemented. This is not the Michigan of the 70s and 80s…this is a very different state than it was a few years ago, a lot of these fundamental changes have been made.”

Contact your state legislator today and tell them to stand with Michigan’s current and future workers.