Past Achievements

Government Reform
  • Streamlining the permitting process
  • Repeal of the Michigan Business Tax
  • Local government consolidation
  • Reform of the Personal Property Tax, eliminating this penalty for many key job creating investments
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Keeping Promises – Teacher and Municipal Retirement Reforms
  • Unfunded Liabilities – Schools
  • Petition/Ballot Signature Reform
  • Streamlining Occupational Licensure, cutting red tape for work
Transportation Infrastructure
  • Build the New International Trade Crossing and Freight Tunnel to Canada
  • Ensure state policies maximize federal matching dollars
  • Update/reform the state’s funding mechanisms
  • Encourage the development of consistent K-12 and higher education metrics
  • Support the dedication of funds for early childhood development
  • Expansion of college credits for work experience
  • Require funding for state economic development and workforce agencies to align more closely with private sector efforts in talent development initiative
  • Reform of Teacher Evaluation
  • Reform: 3rd Grade Reading Readiness
  • A-F Quality & Accountability in K-12
  • Maintain Michigan’s Freedom to Work Status
  • Repeal of the Prevailing Wage mandate
  • Grow Michigan’s Labor Participation rate – Addition of Medicaid work requirements for able-bodied adults
  • Paid Sick Leave Reform (Defense)
  • Minimum Wage Reform (Defense)
State Healthcare Reform
  • Increase funding for health care providers with effective prevention practices