Michigan Must Fulfill Those Empty Promises about ‘Fixing the Damn Roads’

Michigan has a $9 billion surplus and a drumbeat of empty promises to “fix the damn roads,” yet people are kicking up their feet and having a grand ole time at the Mackinac Policy Conference. They may not need roads on Mackinac Island, but they definitely come in handy throughout the rest of the state.

Safe and smooth roads and a strong infrastructure help protect Michigan families and allow us to attract more good-paying jobs to our state. That’s why we need a plan that fulfills those empty promises and helps bring Michigan closer to becoming a top 10 state. A small portion of the massive surplus could fix every bridge in the state.

Michigan recently received a D grade for the condition of our roads, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers. Our 2018 grade for roads was a D-. Our governor made big-time promises when it came to improving our roads – promises that helped drive her administration into office. Gov. Whitmer and the Legislature must now step their feet on the gas and fulfill those promises as soon as possible. Considering the $9 billion funding surplus in our hands and the hefty road improvements that are needed it doesn’t seem like legislators are putting the money where their mouths are. 

Michigan taxpayers are paying for these “damn roads” in auto repairs and lost job opportunities. Call your local legislator and let them know it’s not fair for you to continue to spend your hard-earned money on our state’s responsibility.