The Great Lakes Growth Coalition: A United Front For a Stronger Michigan

Michigan has a new powerhouse group advocating for workers, families, and job creators: The Great Lakes Growth Coalition.

The coalition brings together a diversity of leaders from across our state. It includes the Grand Rapids Chamber, Detroit Regional Chamber, Michigan Chamber of Commerce, and Michigan Manufacturers Association, among others. The West Michigan Policy Forum also has become an official member of the coalition and fully supports its mission to build a state that grows in population, dynamism, and optimism.

What will the coalition focus on? It wants to ensure that everyone in Michigan can find the career that’s right for them. And it’s going to fight the anti-growth policies that threaten to take Michigan in the wrong direction. That includes everything from workplace mandates to affordable energy to worker freedom to economic stability and beyond.

The coalition is a direct response to the mounting threats facing Michigan’s future. It’s initially targeting four threats in particular:

  • Governor Whitmer’s proposed paid leave mandate could slap an annual payroll tax hike on every worker and employer – ultimately costing $1.5 billion or more a year. It would simultaneously create a massive new department of some 400 government employees so that the same people who ran the fraud-ridden and inept unemployment system would run the workers’ leave program.
  • The Legislature wants to pass more one-size-fits-all energy mandates, raising costs on families and holding back growth. Michigan should balance clean energy goals with everyone’s right to affordable and reliable energy. We already have skyrocketing costs and power shortages. Families and job creators can’t afford any more.
  • Independent contracting is under siege. State legislators want to restrict this popular workplace arrangement, which thousands of Michigan workers rely on to meet their unique income and family needs. We need to protect people’s right to pursue their dreams and careers in the gig economy.
  • The Legislature wants local governments to create a patchwork maze of red tape. This would result in confusing, inconsistent, and costly mandates that change from city to city and county to county – crippling job creators and leading to fewer opportunities for workers and families. We can’t let the Legislature drive more jobs and families out of the state.

Ultimately, the Great Lakes Growth Coalition will hold our lawmakers accountable for hurting Michigan’s future, fighting new bureaucracy while protecting taxpayers, families, and job creators. The simple truth is that politicians can’t make Michigan a better place for workers to grow their careers by making Michigan a tougher place for employers to create jobs. The goal is to create the careers and opportunities that will make Michigan stronger with every year.

But the coalition needs your help. Please join this effort by contacting your state representatives and senators. Tell them: Michigan doesn’t need more mandates and less freedom. We need common-sense policies that will usher in the growth that lifts up everyone.