WMPF’s ‘Michigan Economic Scorecard’ Continues to Hold Elected Officials Accountable to the People

Michigan is moving further away from being a top 10 state, as shown by the West Michigan Policy Forum’s “Michigan Economic Scorecard.” This continuously updated tool helps residents see what’s pushing our state in the wrong direction – and ultimately chart the right path.

The scorecard looks at the policies that state leaders are enacting, especially those that hurt Michigan. Look no further than several laws Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed earlier this year. She repealed right-to-work, dismantled the requirement that third graders learn how to read, and ended the A-F grading system for K-12 public schools.

These anti-growth and anti-family policies have already hurt our future. The scorecard includes new data showing that Michigan has one of the 14 worst economies in the nation, based on our negative environment for business, difficult labor market, and slow growth. We’re also one of the 20 slowest growing states in terms of population, with businesses and families leaving the state in droves.

Across all measures, Michigan is one of the worst ten states in the nation. That’s the opposite of where we want to be.

We’ll continue to update the scorecard as new policies are passed and information comes in. We’ll also draw attention to the pro-growth and pro-family policies our state urgently needs. To that end, we recently sent Governor Whitmer’s “Growing Michigan Together Council” a letter detailing nine policy recommendations. The letter is available at the Michigan Economic Scorecard.

Michigan can still reverse course. The West Michigan Policy Forum will continue to push for better policies in the 2023-24 legislative session while opposing bad policies that will move our state backward.

We welcome your partnership. Please share the Michigan Economic Scorecard on social media. Help us spark a movement to transform Michigan’s future and finally make us a top 10 state.