Join a Community of Wavemakers

Growth? It’s in our nature. Opportunity? It’s in our soul. 

But when we look around, we can’t help but see families and small businesses plagued by problem policies. This year at our annual conference, we’re welcoming Wavemakers just like you who are tired of the status quo. Believe us, we’re tired too! But our proven approach to growing Michigan is just what it will take to turn the tide toward a more prosperous future. 

At the West Michigan Policy Forum, we love our communities and believe that our people are a 10/10. So why isn’t Michigan a top 10 state in our nation? Why do we have so many problems plaguing working families and small businesses in our state? Through policy recommendations, we strive to create jobs and opportunities through identifying and removing barriers to competitiveness to help turn the tide toward Michigan. 

Won’t you join us? Ride a new wave of solutions for Michigan and turn the tide towards growth and opportunity. 

Make Waves With Us

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Solutions: We’ve got a track record of delivering real policy solutions from government reform to infrastructure, to talent development and health care.

Growth: Population decline is a death knell for Michigan’s economy. Let’s develop our people and our state so that we can experience prosperity together.

Opportunity: We have the chance to protect promises made to workers, maintain our national position in auto insurance, and support criminal justice reforms.