Caught between record-low unemployment and record-high inflation, it’s no secret that entrepreneurs are facing unprecedented challenges. It’s rare to enter a retail store or restaurant…
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In 2018, our state made a commitment to improve our education system when legislators approved a bill that holds schools accountable for their performance and…
This summer, Michigan legislators agreed on a $76 billion budget, which included fulfilling pension promises. The West Michigan Policy Forum is proud of our lawmakers…
Florida’s K-12 education system has gotten a major face-lift over the last twenty years, and continues to climb the ladder with the push of policies…
Michigan’s K-12 education system ranks 32 in the nation according to U.S. News. And according to data from the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress…


The WMPF holds regional meetings throughout the state, to engage with other business leaders—building a strong business dialogue by sharing and identifying policy priorities. With their feedback the WMPF then evaluates and crafts a laser-focused policy agenda that will guide its work with the state legislature and governor throughout the year. We also host a conference every other year to gather business leaders from across Michigan to collectively learn best practices, discuss and vote on the next WMPF policy agenda priorities to ensure we stay focused and productive. These priorities typically fall in one of the following key areas: Government, Transportation, Talent, Labor, or Healthcare.

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The West Michigan Policy Forum strives to create jobs and opportunities through identifying and removing barriers to competitiveness to help Michigan become a Top-10 state in the nation. Our role is to provide leadership, education and a voice for Michigan businesses to guide the administration and legislature on key policy initiatives.