Michigan is on the road to recovery, but we have a long way to go before we can lead the nation in economic vitality, innovation, job growth and quality of life.

The West Michigan Policy Forum’s mission is to create jobs and opportunities in Michigan by removing barriers to competitiveness, empowering grassroots advocacy within the state’s business community and moving forward with legislative policy directives geared toward Michigan’s long-term prosperity.

At WMPF conferences in 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 business and community leaders from around the state set forth an aggressive agenda geared toward fulfilling that mission in the following areas:


  • Increase funding for health care providers with effective prevention practices


  • Streamline the permitting process within state government
  • Support policies that enable local government consolidation


  • Implement a freedom-to-work (right-to-work) status for Michigan


  • Dedicate funds for early childhood development in the state budget
  • Develop common K-12 and higher education metrics that better prepare students for Michigan’s future workforce needs


  • Update funding mechanisms for transportation infrastructure
  • Build the New International Trade Crossing and a new freight tunnel connecting Michigan to Canada
  • Improve transportation infrastructure by creating policies that maximize federal matching funds

We will hold lawmakers accountable for making bold decisions to reinvent Michigan and challenge state government to operate with the same vigor as the private sector.